The Most Common Outdoor Plumbing Problems And What To Do About Them

With spring having arrived and summer not too far behind, people are about to be spending more time outside. That means more landscaping, more time in the pool, and more other activities that will make use of your outdoor plumbing fixtures.

As with indoor plumbing issues, outdoor plumbing issues can, at the very least, cost you a lot of money on your water bills due to wasted water, but they could also result in a lot of damage to your property. Here are a few examples of some of the most common outdoor plumbing issues that homeowners have to deal with, and what steps you should take to resolve them.

Sewer blockages

If you have a blockage in the sewer line leading from your house to the municipal sewerage system, you might notice bad smells or wet, saturated spots in your yard. These blockages could be caused by improper disposal of items that shouldn’t go down the drain, or by tree roots from growing out and blocking the sewer pipes underground. You’ll need a certified plumber to come out and find and remove the blockage to repair the issue. This is something you’re going to need to have done quickly, as the longer you let it sit the worse (and more expensive) it will get.

Sprinkler problems

If you have a sprinkler system on your property, it’s important you keep up with preventative maintenance to avoid having to perform major repairs. Sprinkler heads and other parts of the system can easily get damaged, especially with our harsh Canadian winters. Small leaks may also develop through general wear and tear over time. If you notice any leaks, you should avoid using the sprinkler system until you can get it repaired. This will likely require the services of a plumber or a technician who installed the system on your property.

Problems with outdoor faucets

Most of the problems with outdoor faucets are a result of failure to winterize properly. You should always shut down water to the outside over the winter to prevent the pipes from freezing, breaking and then leaking or bursting. However, there’s also the possibility that leaks may develop over time just with general use. Normally this will be a rubber seal that goes brittle, or a problem with a washer. The good news is these are easy and cheap problems to deal with—it’s just important you do so as quickly as possible so the leaks don’t add up to big expenses on your water bill.

Pool issues

If you have a pool on your property, there are a variety of plumbing issues that may arise during the course of the summer. For example, if you see water pooling around your pool, this could be a sign of a problem with either the plumbing or the pool itself. It’s important to get a plumber out to your property as soon as possible to discover the sources of water leaks.

For more information about some of the most common issues that occur with outdoor plumbing and the steps you can take to resolve them, contact an experienced plumber from PipeMasters today: info@pipemasters.ca or (289) 404-9063.

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